Our coaches, Mike and Johann, have been practicing Shodokan Aikido for more than twenty years and have both competed at national and international level.

Mike Cresswell

Coach, Shodokan Aikido Cambridge
Coach, Cambridge University Aikido Society

Mike is a 3rd dan instructor and head coach at Shodokan Aikido Cambridge and Cambridge University Aikido Society. He served as National Squad Coach from 2018 to 2022, and coached the 2019 ITAF Women’s World Champion, Rachel Johnson.

As a competitor, Mike placed 3rd in the Men’s Individual Randori event at the 2019 British National Championships and 2nd in the Men’s Team Randori at the 2019 ITAF World Championships in Spain.

Johann de Silva

Coach, Shodokan Aikido Cambridge

Johann is a 3rd dan instructor who has practiced extensively under Scott Allbright, 6th dan, and Satoru Tsuchiya, 6th dan.

Johann won the UK Student National Championships in 2004, and went on to represent Great Britain at three World Championships (2005, 2009, 2011).

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