Cambridge University Aikido Society

Cambridge University Aikido Society is a student-run martial arts club established in 2020.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art that uses strikes, throws, locks and pins to control an opponent. At Cambridge, we practice Shodokan Aikido – also known as Sport or Tomiki Aikido – which features ‘randori’ (free-form sparring) and competitions.

During term time, there is a dedicated session for University of Cambridge students at the Cambridge University Sports Centre on Saturdays, 12:30-2:30pm.

In addition to student-only sessions at the University Sports Centre, we also train with Shodokan Aikido Cambridge, a community club based in Trumpington. All classes are priced £3 per session or you can pay the monthly training fee of £15 and train as often as you like!*

Our aim is to provide a safe and inclusive training environment for all students, from complete beginners to experienced practitioners of all styles of Aikido. If you are new to Aikido, please read our guidance for beginners before your first session.

Whether your goal is to learn practical self-defence skills, earn a black belt or even compete at elite level, contact us to find out more.

*Discounted pricing for matriculated students only.

Society Committee 2022-23

President: Lauren Blake

Vice President: Yasi Zhu

Secretary: Lochlann Baker

Social Secretary: Vlad Penzyev

Junior Treasurer: Simon Mathis

Senior Treasurer: Mike Cresswell

Club Documents

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